Welcome to Fish Tank!

Fish Tank follows the exploits of three aquarium fish who are not only tank mates but close friends (although some of them may not admit it).

I wrote Fish Tank as a web comic from February 2006 until March 2008. My goal was to make something silly and light, with likeable characters placed in less-than-ordinary, often outrageous circumstances.

After I stopped working on the comic, I didn’t look at it again for a few years. Then, recently, an interesting thing happened when I dug up part of a Fish Tank story to show a friend. It had been so long since I’d even looked at the stories that I couldn’t even remember how they went, which led me to pull out the entire series to review. It was like I was reading someone else’s work and I could see for the first time how truly awful some of it was.

But some of it didn’t seem so bad and I was actually finding myself kind of proud of a few of them (I hope that doesn’t sound too self-indulgent). I decided to make ebooks out of some of my favorites and I hope you will consider reading them.

Besides updates on Fish Tank and eBook news, I’ll also be writing the occasional post as the mood hits me about whatever I have something to say about.

– Carl

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2 Responses to Welcome to Fish Tank!

  1. I was sad when Fish Tank ended and am glad that you are back.

  2. skityl says:

    This made my day. I have very fond memories of Fish Tank.

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