As we last left our heroes…

This is the last frame of Fish Tank that I drew back in 2008. I’m starting to dust off my notes and sketches for the story and am getting ready to start writing again.

One really big obstacle for me is that a lot of my old software is on a hard drive that I’ve saved, but may be toast. I’ve tried to get it to boot up on a couple different machines to no avail. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the data off a crashed hard drive, I’m all ears.

It will be a while before “The Heater” is done, so in the interim I’m hoping to put out at least one and maybe two more eBooks of existing material. Once “The Heater” is finished, I will begin working on new material and hope to put something out on a regular basis going forward (although I don’t know what the time intervals will be yet).

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